Therapeutic massage London

Therapeutic massage London

For therapeutic massage in London you have found the right place!

Simon Henderson is the Shiatsu Guy. He has been a Shiatsu therapist providing therapeutic massage in London since 2008.

Therapeutic massage London - 3 London Clinics and home visits also available
Therapeutic massage London – 3 London Clinics and home visits also available

Shiatsu is possibly the most therapeutic form of massage, since it works on the physical body (muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments) as well as on the energetic meridians of the body. Shiatsu uses the same pressure points as acupuncture uses, but shiatsu doesn’t use needles, only a firm pressure from the thumbs, fingers, palms and sometimes knees and elbows.

So Shiatsu is a highly therapeutic form of massage that is great for relieving stress, tension, sleep disorders and nervous disorders. Shiatsu relaxes, rejuvenates and energises the body. It’s great for dealing with muscular pain, soft tissue and joint issues, as well as trauma held in the connective tissue of the body.

The kind of pressure Shiatsu uses relieves tension at a deep level by calming the autonomic nervous system, promoting the parasympathetic nervous system and releasing  the tension in the muscles almost magically.

Shiatsu is a very beneficial therapeutic massage and is available in 3 convenient London clinics, as well as home and hotel visits

So to book your appointment, contact, call or text 07951 621 308 or fill-out the form on the right and someone will get back to you.

There are three Therapeutic Massage London clinics available and the possibility of home and hotel visits too.


Lucy Gray - Shiatsu Massage Testimonial

I feel totally de stressed and relaxed

Simon gives a fantastic massage, I have had a number of massages with him and I would highly recommend them!

He will find knots you didn’t even know were there,

After every massage I feel totally de stressed and relaxed,

Well worth the money 🙂

Lucy GrayEmployee Wellbeing ConsultantLondon, UK