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For Shiatsu in London, you’ve found The Shiatsu Guy!

Simon Henderson is a fully trained Shiatsu massage therapist with extensive knowledge and expertise and lots of happy clients.  Simon specialises in releasing muscle pain and tension in your Neck, Shoulders and Back through a carefully honed understanding of the human body, meridian and pressure point system and the correct application of pressure to relieve your pain and tension.

Shiatsu is effective in reducing the effects of jetlag, panic attacks and anxiety, improving sleep issues, managing stress and tension, as well as releasing and relieving pain throughout the body.
shiatsu in london

Shiatsu is popular with Office workers suffering from tight necks, backs and shoulders, and used by dancers and sportspeople to optimise performance, maintain their muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments as well as reducing the chance of injury and managing existing injuries.

Shiatsu is very adaptable and allows Simon to offer a wide range of treatments from therapies that reduce the effects of stress, alleviate aches and pains and to programs that deal with obtaining peak physical performance and in recovering from illness or injury.

Due to the nature of the healing process it is recommended that new clients commit to at least 3 sessions in order to realise more long-term benefits from their treatments. You will certainly feel better after a single session, but if the condition is long-term then it will return once the effects of the treatment wear off or the stresses and strains of your day to day life once again take dominance.

The Benefits of Receiving Shiatsu in London – Why Choose The Shiatsu Guy?

Simon has spent many years training in Shiatsu and a number of other therapies, starting his studies at the London College of Shiatsu in 1999. He then went on to work extensively in the Corporate field delivering hundreds if not thousands of hours of acupressure chair massage sessions in short, highly effective treatments that were aimed at helping people as quickly as possible. Through this ‘trial by fire’ Simon has developed the ability to release knots in the back, neck and shoulders through a specific sequence of applied pressure, use of pressure points and the Hirata Zones.

Simon believes in providing a bespoke Shiatsu therapy treatment, drawing on other healing modalities as required to get you to your optimism level of health and Wellbeing. He ensures all treatments are tailored to suit your unique requirements, targeting specific problem areas and providing the relief, relaxation and support you need.

Where does The Shiatsu Guy work?

Simon has 3 London Shiatsu Clinics:

Contact us for other Shiatsu Clinics in London

Services available in Simon’s London Clinics

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

RESET TMJ Treatment

Thai Yoga Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

Shiatsu Facial Massage

Pain Management Clinic

On Site Chair Massage

Simon’s qualifications:

Shiatsu Diploma from the London College of Shiatsu, one of the leading Zen Shiatsu colleges in London. The head teachers have studied and taught in Japan at the world renowned Iokai Centre in Tokyo, Japan. Simon  began his training around the year 2000, so has over 15 years of experience.

Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner training from Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage in London. Simon qualified in November 2015, having completed 6 months of training and 60 hours of case studies. Simon had previously completed an introduction to Thai Yoga Massage course in November 2014, and had started to incorporate Thai Yoga Massage techniques into his Shiatsu treatments. Simon is now offering 90 and 120 minute Thai Yoga Massage sessions from two of his London clinics as well as London home visits.

RESET TMJ Treatment (Kinesiology/Kinergetics) – a branch of Kinesiology originating in Australia that deals with issues around the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), including bruxism, clenching, clicking, muscle tension and alignment of the jaw. RESET is also effective in helping a number of other conditions and can be incorporated seamlessly into a shiatsu session.

Certificate in Personal Coaching – The Coaching Academy – a short course undertaken to help Simon’s clients facilitate their health and Wellbeing goals.

Shiatsu Facial Massage – London College of Traditional Acupuncture – incorporating shiatsu, qi gung and other massage techniques to promote a more youthful face, naturally.

Craniosacral Therapy Level 1&2 – a series of classes taught at the London College of Shiatsu as a stand-alone therapy or a supplement to shiatsu treatments. Great for resolving injuries to soft tissue that have an emotional charge or element of shock, are taking a long time to resolve or are having problems healing, an example of which would be whiplash injuries.

Moxibustion Level 1&2 – a series of classes taught at the London College of Shiatsu as a stand-alone therapy or a supplement to shiatsu treatments. The burning of special herbs on the pressure points to strengthen and warm weakened and cold constitutions.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Level 1&2 – a series of classes taught at the London College of Shiatsu as a stand-alone therapy or a supplement to shiatsu treatments. Great for aiding the body to detox and remove excess fluids.

Simon is a resident of Sydenham, South East London, he has a clinic space in Forest Hill at Canvas and Cream and also does home visits by arrangement offering Shiatsu in London.   The home visits area Simon covers include, but are not limited to: Forest Hill, Sydenham, East Dulwich, Dulwich Village, Honor Oak Park, Brockley and Crystal Palace.  Simon doesn’t charge for travel in this area.  He will still come to you if you live further afield, but travel charges may apply.  Please contact him for details.

Some Home Visit Areas Covered include: SE4, SE14, SE19, SE20, SE21, SE22, SE23 & SE26

For more information on Shiatsu in London contact us on 0207 101 4263 or email

Robin Daly - On site massage London testimonialAn incredible result for one 30 minute session

Simon visits our offices regularly, and as I had been suffering from a sore shoulder and neck for many weeks, I decided to give the On Site Chair Massage a go. I’ve not had this treatment before, and it was certainly very relaxing!

But the great news was the huge relief it brought to the nagging pain in my neck and shoulder. An incredible result for one 30 minute session, treating a condition that has resisted many a spirited massage! Recommended!

Robin DalyChairman & Founder, Yes to LifeLondon, UK