The Shiatsu Guy Presents… Episode 000

What’s it all about??the shiatsu guy - health wellness podcast

So this is the very first episode of my new Interview based Health podcast ‘The Shiatsu Guy Presents…’

In this episode I wanted to explain what I’m hoping to achieve, why I want to do it and what I hope my listeners will get from the podcast…

But it’s not all about what I want… Have a listen to this short episode and let me know your thoughts on what you would like included in future episodes; any topics you would like covered, any specific people you would like me to interview (an intro is always welcomed if I don’t know them or have a personal connection already… But I’ve been surprised how open people have been to being interviewed) and anything else you can think of…

I’m really keen to produce a high quality podcast, so if the sound quality is dodgy, please let me know. If the format is lacking, please let me know! If they’re too long or too short, please let me know!

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Author: Simon Henderson - The Shiatsu Guy

London Based Shiatsu Therapist specialising in helping the fast relief of pain, tension and stress. Working in a number of central London clinics. Contact Simon on 07951 621 308 or email

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