Shiatsu Massage in London – Fast Effective Pain, Stress & Low Energy Relief

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Welcome to The Shiatsu Guy Team, Specialists in providing the best Shiatsu Massage in London!

It started with just one Shiatsu Guy… Now you have a whole Shiatsu Team!!
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Shiatsu massage is excellent for releasing muscle pain and tension in your Neck, Shoulders and Back through a carefully honed understanding of the human body, meridian and pressure point system and the correct application of pressure to relieve your pain and tension.

Shiatsu massage is effective in reducing the effects of jetlag, panic attacks and anxiety, improving sleep issues, managing stress and tension, as well as releasing and relieving pain throughout the body.
Shiatsu Massage in London

Shiatsu massage in London is popular with Office workers suffering from tight necks, backs and shoulders. Shiatsu massage is used by dancers and sportspeople to optimise performance, maintain their muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments as well as reducing the chance of injury and managing existing injuries.

Shiatsu massage is very adaptable and allows our therapists to offer a wide range of treatments from therapies that reduce the effects of stress, alleviate aches and pains and to programs that deal with obtaining peak physical performance and in recovering from illness or injury.

Due to the nature of the healing process, it is recommended that new clients commit to at least 3 sessions in order to realise more long-term benefits from their Shiatsu treatments. You will certainly feel better after a single session, but if the condition is long-term then it will return once the effects of the treatment wear off or the stresses and strains of your day to day life once again take dominance.

Ideally, we’d recommend ongoing Shiatsu treatments, such as once a month if your issues are minor. We recommend weekly Shiatsu sessions if you have more serious levels of stress or long-term issues that need ongoing management through bodywork and massage.

Who or what is The Shiatsu Guy?

The Shiatsu Guy was founded in 2008 by Simon Henderson when he had finished his Shiatsu training and was looking for a name that encapsulated what it was that he did…

And after some effort, The Shiatsu Guy was born!

Over the following years Simon worked hard delivering Shiatsu massage in London to stressed out Londoners (and visitors to London) in a number of central London clinics including The Hale Clinic in Great Portland Street, Physical Health Clinic in Moorgate, Movers & Shapers and Love Food in West Hampstead, from Canvas and Cream therapy rooms in Forest Hill as well as several other clinics over the years.

Simon found success in helping numerous people with their physicals pain and tension, low energy and emotional ailments, all through the powerful medium of Shiatsu massage.

Simon also added to this a bespoke treatment for those suffering from TMJ issues such as bruxism, clenching and grinding teeth. His unique combination of Shiatsu and RESET TMJ therapy brought relief to many happy people.

Alongside this Simon also has his own Corporate massage Agency, Onsite Massage London, where he and other therapists delivered Corporate Massage in Offices and at Events throughout London.

At the beginning of 2015 Simon launched his Podcast, The Shiatsu Guy presents… where he interviewed top therapists, visionaries and teachers of complementary therapies.

But as the years passed he felt a calling to travel the world more and explore other lands… But at the same time, he didn’t want to leave his clients behind. As Simon left on his Sabbatical he gathered a group of hand-picked Shiatsu therapist to look after his clients and any new inquiries in his absence.

Therapists at The Shiatsu Guy – The Shiatsu Team!

Our hand-picked Shiatsu Therapists believe in providing bespoke Shiatsu therapy treatments, drawing on other healing modalities as required to get you to your optimism level of health and Wellbeing. Our Shiatsu Therapists ensure all treatments are tailored to suit your unique requirements, targeting specific problem areas and providing the relief, relaxation and support you need.

Where can you receive Shiatsu Massage in London?

We offer Shiatsu massage treatments in 3 London Clinics:

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If you live in Crete or plan on visiting, you can receive a treatment from Simon in the following locations:

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Helped alleviate my back pain 

Simon’s shiatsu therapy *touch & pressure* technique has helped alleviate my back pain.  I would strongly recommend anyone to see Simon who suffers from frequent pain in the back or neck.  He makes you feel relaxed and definitely has good healing hands.

Z FelicianoNurseLondon, UK