Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu Massage TreatmentShiatsu comes from the Japanese words for Finger and Pressure, and that is essential what you will experience in a Shiatsu treatment. Although the practice of Shiatsu has broadened to include the use of palm pressure, elbows, feet and knees. Elbows and knees might sound painful but the way they are used really isn’t.

Shiatsu is performed with the client clothed in comfortable clothing, such as tracksuit bottoms or leggings, lying on a traditional futon (but can also be performed on a regular massage table).

Zen Shiatsu Massage has a particular focus on stillness, aimed at bringing about a deep sense of peace and tranquillity in the recipient. Shiatsu is the art of listening to the body, reading energy levels in a system of meridians (energy lines) and pressure points (the same ones as acupuncture but without needles) then releasing and balancing the energy throughout the treatment by using thumb and finger pressure to release the physical stress and tension in the body. During the treatment Simon will work on aches, pains and those little niggles in the body, giving you a physical tune up at the same time. Depending on what is going on in your body and life Simon may incorporate gentle stretches to help you feel more supple and mobile.

Contrary to an often held belief, Shiatsu is not a painful treatment. Certainly not the style of Zen Shiatsu that Simon practices. The original form of Shiatsu (now a days called Namakoshi Shiatsu) was a much more ‘hard style’ of treatment, using a deep pressure on various point in certain protocols to treat specific ailments. Shizuto Masunaga’s Zen Shiatsu developed out of Namakoshi Shiatsu and is much more about stillness, releasing tension, unblocking trapped energy and generally nurturing the body, rather than causing pain or discomfort. You will certainly feel more relief and less pain than from a sports massage or deep tissue massage.

Zone Therapy, (also called the Hirata Zones) which evolved from Masunaga’s Zen Shiatsu, is another way for Simon to release deeply held tension, pain and inflammation. Zone therapy is integrated into Shiatsu treatments seamlessly as the techniques are very similar to regular Zen Shiatsu techniques.

A standard Shiatsu Massage treatment is 60 minutes long and involves stretches, holding pressure points and the application of pressure to meridians. The pressure applied is dependent on the underlying conditions, physical ailment or problem area, as well as the tension in your muscles and your energy levels.

90 minute Shiatsu sessions are also becoming more and more popular with people opting for a longer treatment, allowing them to relax more deeply, receive more body work or combining different therapies, such as a 30 minute Shiatsu facial massage, TMJ RESET or craniosacral therapy.

No two Shiatsu Massage sessions are alike as your meridian diagnosis will change from session to session, and there is also a degree of intuition involved in each treatment where your body will tell the therapist what is needed from the treatment.

Prices start at £70 per hour (depending on the location) with a limited number of reduced rate treatments for students, unemployed and those who have been signed off sick.  Reduced rate treatments depend upon your personal circumstance, so please contact us to discuss options.

Where can your receive Shiatsu treatment?

Simon has 3 London Shiatsu Clinics:

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Why not try a 60 minute Shiatsu Massage plus a 30 minute Shiatsu Facial Massage, Pure Bliss!

Helped alleviate my back pain 

Simon’s shiatsu therapy *touch & pressure* technique has helped alleviate my back pain.  I would strongly recommend anyone to see Simon who suffers from frequent pain in the back or neck.  He makes you feel relaxed and definitely has good healing hands.

Z FelicianoNurseLondon, UK