Shiatsu Facial Massage

If you’re not keen on needles or going under the knife, then the Shiatsu Facial Massage is for you!

Simon’s training with Japanese acupuncturists and Shiatsu therapists has enabled him to develop a unique set of techniques, aimed at easing lines, lifting sags and plumping the skin.

benefits shiatsu facial massage

Shiatsu Facial Massage works with the same pressure points as acupuncture. Without the use of needles.

Shiatsu Facial Massage is a relaxing, refreshing and more natural alternative to plastic surgery, which lifts the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed and looking your best.

The way at Shiatsu Facial Massage works is by releasing the tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and scalp, as well as the little muscles of the face, then releasing the tension and fine lines in the skin, as well as energising the pressure points and meridians of the head, neck and face. Leaving you with a natural, refreshed glow to your skin, an energised look in your eyes, less creases in the forehead, around the mouth and the corners of the eyes. The jawline becomes firmer, neck becomes tighter, dark circles under the eyes reduce.

The Shiatsu Facial Massage doesn’t use any potions or lotions, no oils, creams or applications. Nothing sharp or pointy, just a firm yet gentle finger pressure, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated and looking your best!

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We recommend a 60 minute Shiatsu Massage followed by a 30 minute Shiatsu Facial Massage

Pure Bliss!


Amongst the top 3 massages that I have had

I am a regular attendee at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and have a lot of Shiatsu and other massages. I have to say, yours is ranking amongst the top 3 massages that I have had!


Sunita BLondon, UK