Craniosacral Therapy London

Stress causes a profound effect on the functioning of the craniosacral fluid in the cranium and spine, which over time can cause an imbalance in the body and can eventually lead to ill health.

Trauma is often stored in the soft tissue of the body, especially if there is an emotional charge or shock at the time of the injury, such as with whiplash. Where the trauma gets locked into the body, craniosacral therapy is able to safely and gently release this stored and unresolved injury.

Craniosacral Therapy London

Craniosacral Therapy is a powerful non-invasive treatment, which releases stress and tension from the body by observing respiration and enabling an easier flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Craniosacral Therapy is similar to Reiki as it is a very gentle and relaxing treatment that doesn’t seem to be ‘doing’ anything… yet can have extremely powerful results.

The Craniosacral treatment allows the body to return to a more natural state of being by relaxing the muscles and tissues in the body which have become contracted as a result of stress, tension, shock or trauma.

Craniosacral Therapy also gives a sense of revitalisation by releasing energy into the body, which has often been locked-up due to the shock, tension and stress retained.

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Lucy Gray - Shiatsu Massage Testimonial

I feel totally de stressed and relaxed

Simon gives a fantastic massage, I have had a number of massages with him and I would highly recommend them!

He will find knots you didn’t even know were there,

After every massage I feel totally de stressed and relaxed,

Well worth the money 🙂

Lucy GrayEmployee Wellbeing ConsultantLondon, UK