The Shiatsu Guy Presents… Episode 000

What’s it all about??the shiatsu guy - health wellness podcast

So this is the very first episode of my new Interview based Health podcast ‘The Shiatsu Guy Presents…’

In this episode I wanted to explain what I’m hoping to achieve, why I want to do it and what I hope my listeners will get from the podcast… Continue reading “The Shiatsu Guy Presents… Episode 000”

Get Shiatsu on your Health Insurance!!

More and more people are coming to realise that Shiatsu is more than just a way to de-stress the body. For people who are suffering from joint and muscle pain, anxiety or depression and other related illnesses, Shiatsu is recognised as a highly effective treatment. And because for some, it is considered to be medically necessary, it is increasingly becoming part of health care. And by becoming a part, we mean being more and more accepted by Health Insurance companies. That means someone else will be shouldering its cost provided that the shiatsu therapist is correctly licensed as a health care provider. Good news, right! Continue reading “Get Shiatsu on your Health Insurance!!”